Window Washing Service In Gaines Michigan

You can see clearly now the rain is gone… Or can you? Window washing in Gaines is a must for most retail facilities.

Actually even after the rain is gone you may not be able to see out through your dirty windows! For the most part retail facilities in Gaines MI see the importance of clean windows but other commercial facilities just don’t get it and should use a Window Washing Service in Gaines.

Even though a dirty bathroom is more of an indicator, having dirty windows can also reflect how certain managers run a business.

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As a customer entering the facility I would certainly notice how dirty the windows are the minute I walked up to the front door. I am just programmed to look for such things. Yes I am a little fanatical about “clean”, since I have been in the janitorial service industry for 20 plus years and window washing is an important part of the janitorial service industry.

Window washing is so necessary for businesses with large windows because it is a first impression on the customer entering the facility. If you are a Gaines Michigan business owner or manager and have a facility with lots of windows you may be giving off the wrong first impression to your customers.

I have noticed that in one of the facilities I entered some time back a staff member with a small wade of paper towels and a spray bottle attempting to do window cleaning only to smear what’s on the glass making multiple swirl marks; most of the time this will just not cut it.

Even though there is a proper way to clean small windows with paper towels and a spray bottle of cleaner I would suggest most commercial facilities to us a strip washer and hand held squeegee for a much more professional job.

When I do window washing for my customers in the Genesee county area I always use these tools to make it easier on myself and the end result is a streak-less window most all the time.

If you want cleaner windows in your commercial facility I would suggest investing in a good strip washer (for larger windows) or good quality sponge and a hand held squeegee with a disposable rubber blade.

It does take some practice to use these professional tools and most professional window cleaners use a swirl technique but even the standard pull down or pulling across the window works great. Even though I can do the swirl technique I am not that good at it and have always revert back to the standard pulling across.

If your business establishment has multiple large glass windows then I would suggest calling a professional in to properly do the window washing for you.

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